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We are one of the leading Hip Hop & Light-Weight Jewelry wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers of diamond-studded gold jewelry. We are also specialized in Custom Jewelry. Just click on the Customized Jewelry Button to learn more.

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Jewellery helps in enhancing one’s beauty. It additionally symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, Jewellery may be a kind of art for self and inventive expression. Then, their square measure some people that use jewellery as a part of their tradition and culture.

We square measure one of all the leading Hip Hop jewellery wholesalers, makers, and Suppliers of diamond-studded gold jewellery. We have a tendency to also are specialized in Custom jewellery.

How You Can Start With us:

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Simply call/ WhatsApp us with your requirement and ask for a quotation for your custom pieces.

After making and finalizing the CAD design you need to pay 50% advance payment to start production.

when we are ready to ship your items you have to pay the full and final balance before shipping.

after shipping/exporting we will provide you live tracking details where you can check the status of your package.


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